Sunday, 25 May 2008

A more immediate plan

Inspired and shaken out of my "I don't want to deal with this any more" inertia by Molly, I will take up her plan of 14 hours of gardening a week.

A very serious question was posed;

Can you feed your family completely as of this minute from your garden?

My answer would be yes, if we lived off of one meal a day of spinach/silverbeet/chard, followed by a nastursium chaser.

My fruit trees are one year old or less. I may have been planting like mad in the last six months but only some of it is at maturity levels now. The Husband has even asked me to start planting more.

As Molly suggested, it's time to take my hobby up a notch.

On the plus side, I planted snow peas, white radishes, canola and a couple more sweet potatoes today.


naturewitch said...

I know, I know - want to be in the garden more, but nothing much grows in Canberra in winter . .

But we would be dining on broccoli, Asian greens, beets, mini caulis and bottles of fruit and tomato and zucchini chutney!

My sister always says I can feed a small third-world nation for two weeks with what is in my pantry and freezer, but would it be enough?? The pussycats wouldn't fare as well as the humans . .

Will make more effort on the garden!

Btw, someone at work recently had bunya nut scones and said they were delicious - so maybe you can put a bunya pine in for flour??


Kez said...

lol - that sounds about the diet here too! The nasturtiums are going great guns!

Anonymous said...

LOL@nasturtium chaser, I can't even do that since they are now too shaded!


Cheryl said...

You put me to shame all this veggie growing. I love to read about other peoples ideas on food.

I love the nasturtium