Saturday, 24 May 2008

Planning for the festive season

"What the....." I hear you yell! "It's only May and you are thinking about December! You're mad woman!"

Well if you've got this far into my blog you will know that I have never lived in a mainstream manner, so call me mad and I will agree with you!

So here's my plan; every week I will be making something that can be used in gift baskets for my friends, family and the tot's teachers.

Here are some of the things I will be making

Lavender scented soap (will collect the flower heads to use in these)
Lavender jelly
Pot Pourri's
Mint jelly
Capsicum relish
Quince paste
Turkish delight
Coconut ice
Gift tags made from last years Xmas cards
Embroidered gift cards

I will also be working to a timetable for my baking and checking out the dried fruits from now on to see what I can buy while it's not at a premium 'everybody wants it now' price.

Here is my timetable;
All year long look at wine specials and buy a bottle a month to put away and forget about.
Buy all the children's gifts at the July sales. Make them as many gifts as possible.
September: Make jelly's and any liqueurs you need
October: make Xmas puddings, mincemeat, soak fruits for Xmas cake
November: make Xmas cake, make gingerbread cakes and freeze them, make cookie doughs to freeze. Think about what you want to eat over the festive season, start to buy cheeses.
December: make pastry cases to freeze, make turkish delight, and other lollies. In the second week of December, ice your Xmas cake. Third week in December, defrost your cookie dough and bake your cookies. You can then freeze the baked cookies in freezer safe containers until you need them.

More to follow later.


karenmc said...

I guess my "Oh my goodness it's December already!" just isn't going to cut it, is it? You continue to amaze me woman!

naturewitch said...

been thinking about it too, will start work once these lot of exams (ugh! did i mention i hate biochemistry?) are over - got a few ideas for homemade Chrissie gifts

NW xx

Anonymous said...

Far from mad Lara, I have all my Christmas goodies for family done, wrapped or bagged labelled and put away by the last day in June.

I've done this for years as I hate the last minute rushes.

unlike you tho ms smarty lol, I must have been hiding behind the door when the boss gave out craft skills, so I buy from a wonderful local craft shop that never ceases to amaze me with its variety.


Cheryl said...

Gosh you almost had me in a state of panic then.....
Thats what I call being organised, and you have got me thinking now.....

DJ said...

I salute you, that is some formidable planning you have going on there!!

The Tin House said...

Wow - an impressive list. I was only thinking yesterday about ensuring I don't make it to December having done nothing. A useful reminder. I just can't seem to get through the basics at the moment without worrying about cooking extra. I blame it on the arrival of winter -but that's just another excuse isn't it! Lisa x

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Great planning Crone!
have you seen the gift ideas at I'm a bit like you and start really early for gifts. My cousin is due to have her baby in August and I've been collecting bits and pieces for the last 6 months to put in a big basket for her (get them when their on sale). It will be a great gift that didn't cost heaps all in all.

Really admire you making everything though - that is super!

Anonymous said...

I grow my own basil and make up huge batches of basil and macadamia pesto for christmas pressies. I also do stuffed baby bell peppers with feta and herbs and if i can grow enough some fig jam too. As you can see i sort of stick to a red and green theme.