Monday, 19 May 2008

Ummmm, here's my attempt at knitting a dress.

Well the skirt at least. I ran out of wool so a dear dear friend said

"Let's have it and I'll sort out the bodice" Didn't she do an amazing job!

I am so chuffed that I did the skirt though, complete with picot hem. Some of my Cronies will remember that I did do the original bodice, just ran out of wool :(


naturewitch said...

Hiya Crone

Love the dress! How gorgeous! It will be sure to keep a cronette warm this winter. Well done!

NW xx

karenmc said...

That is fantastic! Well done :)

molly said...

Wow, ms smartypants.....did I ever tell you about the only thing I ever knitted? The puppy ate it and spent the next 3 days at the vet getting rid of the wool (well actually there was the side of a new fan cane chair and a bunch of munched loo rolls in that equation too....a story for another day!!!! LOL!!

Brilliant job!


Cheryl said...

I love it, absolutely gorgeous. As someone who can only knit squares I am impressed.