Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Sunday times: Western Australian news today

Page 88: World food crisis
Page 7: Waste worst in the West
Page 26: Debt fears bite
Page 28/29: Our new working poor
Page 46/47 liftout section: Budget busters

This is the news today, people are hurting, the words recession and depression are being used and yet the official definition of recession is more than two quarters of negative growth in GDP (according to The Husband). So technically we aren't in a recession but those of us living in the real world are cutting costs left right and centre.

I will keep planting up my garden because no matter what the Economists say on paper, I need to feel secure that I can feed my family in the future.

Once again I will ask that people in WA consider organising a plant swap. What surplus plants have you got that others can use? I am going to divide some sugar cane and lemon grass and pot them up to swap with anyone who needs some.


molly said...

Sounds wonderful Lara, I will swap some soapwort plants for some sugar I have said that, what can I do with the sugar cane when it's grown? LOL....see! A REAL newbie to many things!


Cheryl said...

Ah someone else who needs the sanctuary of greeness to heal their troubled mind. I do to. Reading newspapers these days can be so depressing......If I can't change things I go into the garden and leave my worries there.
Nice post and tks for dropping by my blog.

Em said...

The garden gives me a sense of security too; sometimes (for me) it's touched by escapism - that I'm not wanting to know how bad things might be - but mostly it feels good to be doing something to take care of my family and prepare for whatever might come.

TheCrone said...

Welcome Em!

You have written how I feel about my garden too! I know that it's my sanity valve as well; When the Tots are driving me nuts we all go outside and the change in all of us is almost immediate.

TheCrone said...

Molly, Molly, Molly! Sugar can can be used for a variety of things! Crunching on a piece on a hot summer's day is blissfull. You can use it as a mulch, and I rather guess that you can juice it to get ummmm, sugar?!?

I will warn you though, it can be a bit like bamboo in that it will run, so make sure you plant it where you want it to take over or else in pots surrounded by concrete.

Wendy said...

Would love to plant sugar cane here - alas, I live in the frozen north - Canada. No, we're not frozen at the moment - actually it's spring and we're a-planting.

I really really try not to read newspapers these days. Would rather spend time in my garden. Found you through Naturewitch. I am enjoying reading your blog. Will come back often.

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

OK, you've inspired me, Lara :). Have planted out celery and lettuce seedling, dug another inch of clay in the attempt to plant a lemon tree, and put some spinach seeds in a pot.

That's a mammoth effort for a Bear of Little Brain :). So give yourself a pat on the back for greening another few inches back here in the ACT...