Thursday, 12 June 2008

Crunchy Chicken, my family thinks I've gone bonkers!

It's all Crunchy Chicken's fault.

I have declared war against 'pee and flush'! In fact, no one is allowed to pee at the seating for one at Wit's End anymore!

Visitors beware, you will be asked to deposit in the nappy bucket :)

Bet I have the healthiest plants in the street from now on!


Anonymous said...

I have tried this request, my hubby thinks that would just be the stone livin end of sanity, my 20 yr old daughter thinks I'm "gross" for even thinking such a thing and my 15 yr old son said he'd rather just go pee outside in the first place LOL!

Compromise, I'm now adding a composting loo to the list of necessities for the future...gawd LOL


Cheryl said...

Great post.....My grin is from ear to ear....

Kez said...

I can't even get my husband on board with 'if it's yellow let it mellow' - I can just picture it if I tried this one :)

Belinda said...


I have to say I thought about it.... then though about the meds that I take and came to "no point" I will just poison my soil.

Until I can get myself onto totally natural products in that regard to the septic it goes.

Kind Regards

TheCrone said...

Well we have achieved only four flushes today. The Tots were already happy to just pee in the toilet and wait until there was something bobbing which needed to be flushed ;)

The Husband comes from a culture which values 'night soil' so he is totally ok with this concept!

TheCrone said...

Just another note: An empty vinegar bottle (2ltr) and an old funnel works a treat ;)

naturewitch said...

LOL! Have tried this suggestion and failed - they looked at me as though I suddenly grew two heads. . . but when it is just me at home, the bucket it will be!

Sage said...

I don't like to leave it in the toilet pan until the next person goes to the loo, but I have used a compost toilet in the past at the centre for alternative technology in Wales and I can only applaud the idea; I just need to figure out how to do it without the smell issue.


Leanne said...

My son obliges me with an evening pee in the garden most nights-(I hasten to sdd we live very rurally so he can do this without offence!!) but this is to scent the garden and help to deter foxes from the hens!!

leanne x