Friday, 13 June 2008

Question of the day

Can I walk an eight km round trip once a day to reduce using my car? 4km's to school, 4km's back, pushing a pram carrying three tots (one seated, one in toddler seat, one on pram skateboard)?

If I do this I cut 40km's of fuel off of our consumption per week.

Pondering, pondering.


naturewitch said...

Dear One - it is all a question of balance and I don't mean balancing the three tots on the pram LOL!

OK, let's analyse how much your 40km of walking would save you - probably $6 in fuel? and some CO2 emissions.

Now, what would it cost you? 8km per day = 2 hour trip (with tots); that's 10 hours per week; maybe 8 hours if you take off the driving time. 8 hours per week in your garden could save you a lot more than the $6 in fuel (due to extra produce) and would more than likely offset the CO2 emissions because you'd have extra plants growing and you'd reduce your overall food miles.

Yes, you'd be fitter and you'd be using the car less (and doesn't that feel good!), but maybe you need to weigh that up with what else you could be doing??

Just playing devil's advocate xx

TheCrone said...
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TheCrone said...

Oh dear, I had visions of finally become a svelt 40 something!

When you work it all out like that it does sound a bit screwy!


removed last comment (almost the same) due to stupid typo which changed the whole meaning!

Crazy Mumma said...

Maybe you could try it once a week and see how you go? I struggle walking with my two in the morning because it's usually cold and windy so even though I rug them up to the max, they invariably come home coughing from breathing the cold air :-( So I tend to compromise by walking in the afternoons only in winter - not the most environmentally sound solution but you know what it's like with tots with runny noses, hacking coughs and weeping eyes out in the cold! *Shrug*

The Tin House said...

...500m from home....dirty pants....stop to change pants....700m from home, "I'm thirsty - where's my drink?"....1km from home, waaaaaah, waaaaaaah, 2km from home, "I'm hungry Mum"....
etc etc etc
On the other hand, you would be very fit.
p.s. are ear plugs made from a petrochemical base?
Lisa x
p.p.s your children are probably much better behaved than mine!

Anonymous said...

I do walk 10 km a day but only pushing one and with a big dog either towing or being towed.

Yes my considerations are environmental and fitness related but the main reason i do it is to teach my kids that you don't automatically get in the car if you have to go somewhere and sometimes the easiest way isn't always the best way.

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Having just done the 6km round trip to the shops with my two BIG little ones in the pusher and a good 12kg of groceries on the way back, I suggest starting with twice a week and investing in a scooter (foldable to store under the pusher for the way back) for Miss G.