Thursday, 26 June 2008

My bit for the energy crisis

Can you see the time/date? Well at 10.40am today, the temperature is 12.5 degrees.
I am finding it a challenge to be honest. I have a nappy bucket full of nappies which need to be washed (plus a full laundry basket). I am seriously considering washing clothes by hand, how mad is that!!!!
Wondering about making some bread by hand and filling the oven to the max at the same time to do one massive bake. The other alternative is to pop the Tots into the pram and walk to the shops to buy some hideous white sliced loaf :(
I can't wait for my solar oven to arrive.


belinda said...

Hi Crone,

At those types of temps I am wearing 2 woolen spencers, shirt and two jumpers.

Now I know I am a wooss when it comes to cold but maybe you just haven't got the layering knack just yet.

Kind Regards

Cheryl said...

You are one amazing woman.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Crone - hope you don't mind me commenting (I am Ilovebobbrown from EB) and I have been following your blog for a while now and I just wanted to say that I find you one inspirational woman! I have also been trying to run the heater a whole lot less this winter and bundle up the kids but this winter seems so much colder than last! We are also resarching solar at the moment as well - just have to save some money to do so!

Cheers Kelly

Crazy Mumma said...


TheCrone said...

Thanks for your comments guys! Most days I don't feel very inspirational, in fact I tend to feel like a total nutcase - I mean what sort of person blogs about collecting their pee to use in the garden!

Belinda I'm still feeling cold but I guess that's because I gave away all of my cold weather clothes when we moved from Canberra to Perth, seemed like a good idea at the time LOL!

naturewitch said...

Darling Crone, I know how much you hate the cold, so this must be really hard for you. I'll try to send some warming energy your way and pray to the sun gods for relief.

love and warmth

brazen's crafts said...

brrrr i always thought perth was summery in winter!!! one of my last luxuries to go will (hopefully) be heating, i grew up in a cold house and hated it.

anyway, i came in to ask if you would post a little tutorial on the preparing and freezing beans thing LMAO!!!

i know it should be simple but when i did the black beans (soaked o/n and then in slow cooker all day) they were nearly overcooked.

please please share your secrets???
yours forever xxx


chickenbetty said...

Patrick cobbled together a little tester solar oven and now that we're back from vacation I can't wait for a sunny day so we can try it. I'm excited to see what you get up to with yours :)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I'm debating which I'm more impressed about...the fact that you're being so good about the cold...or the fact that with 4 kids you only have 1 (count them, 1!) basket of laundry needing doing!. Now THAT's impressive! I am forever swamped - and having now been inspired am leaving here to go do another load!