Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Panic Attack!

Never, never assume that last year's pioneer day costume will fit this year! Thank the gods I have a stash of fabric and retro patterns!

This is what I am going to make for Tot 1.

Please let it look ok! Please let my machine do what it's meant too today!

next year I will plan better!

Edited : Making the apron and bonnet right now.

Voila! Costings: fabric, ummm 60 cents. Lace, made by Nature witch and given to me a couple of years ago. Elastic, leftover nappy elastic! threads? used up three bobbins full. Pattern, freecycle :)

For those of you who have access to 'Old trout's spawn', the full pic is up ;)


Karen TW said...

looks great!

karenmc said...

Very impressed - especially with such a short deadline & no budget! Well done :)

Anonymous said...

Lordy you can sew woman! That would have taken me at least a year and would have fitted nothing human at the end of it LOL...WTG


Cheryl said...

I am someone who can just about sew a button are amazing, looks great.

alicat said...

Wow. Just wow. Who do I have to bribe to see the pic in "Old Trout's Spawn"?

TheCrone said...

Email me your addy and I will approve you :)