Thursday, 24 July 2008

Not sure whether to be embarrassed or pleased.

The Tots had a playdate yesterday and while they were playing I was chatting to the lovely mother. The conversation went something like this;

"L, do you have any interest in clothes?"
"None at all?"
"No, they keep me covered and that's all that's important to me. Besides, if I get nice clothes I usually forget I am wearing them and go and play in the garden with them on."

I told The Husband this last night and he laughed and asked me what on earth I was wearing!

So please, are there others out there who have no interest whatsoever in fashion or am I alone in this?

How much 'maintenance' do you need to achieve a 'look'? How do you find a 'look'?

All to much for me to think about. Off to stomp on snails.

Edited to add: FWIW, I was wearing a clean brown long sleeve T shirt and a pair of clean jeans.


Crazy Mumma said...

LOLOLOL :-D And um no, I most definitely don't have a "look"! I only ever wear make up to weddings, which is also where I wear my one and only dress. The rest of the time, if I am going somewhere I am only concerned about whether my clothes are relatively clean, i.e. that used to be not covered in baby spew, but now it's not covered in dirty hand prints or flour :-) I *do* have "at home" and "going out" jeans - does that count?

Cheers, Julie

karenmc said...

I only have a 'look' in as much as I wear the same things most days - the advantage of working from home. My 'uniform' is jeans & a top (which is more dependent on temperature than fashion). Makeup is part of the uniform most days. But fashion? Nup - no idea, and not something I ever really worry about. Clean & tidy & weather appropriate will do for me :)

Kez said...

Add another one to your list - no interest in fashion whatsoever. As long as I'm decently covered, I'm happy :) I usually wear jeans (from the op-shop) & t-shirts out (trackies & t-shirt at home) - I don't think I even own a skirt or dress! I definitely don't own any makeup, and have a 'functional' haircut.

Belinda said...

A look.... :-S... whats a Look

Boy I am doing well if I remember to check to see if a flour bomb exploded in my direction.

Kind Regards

Susy said...

Since I work from home I'm usually wearing shorts & a secondhand t-shirt, or if it's cold, fleece pants & a sweatshirt. I'm not huge on being in fashion, but I want to make sure I'm clean & neat when I go out.

Sometimes I think it's silly when I see people trying to hard to look fashionable. You can usually tell when people are true to their personal style (whatever that may be).

Cathode said...

I have a keen interest in fashion, but I dont usually indulge it (admittedly it is more because of my size than anything else).
I like to look nice, or at least presentable (which is usually all I can manage). I very VERY rarely wear make up.
I do have my own look, but I do usually update it yearly. Currently it is dark denim jeans and a variety of current tops.
I like shoes (note: not love) but can never find any that I like to fit my humungous feet, so have been wearing the same pair for about 3 years now (I usually go barefoot which adds to the problem of not getting shoes to fit).
My weakness is handbags. I do love a good dead animal bag : )
But at the end of the day, I will garden in whatever I am wearing, heels, diamonds and all.

This is turning into an essay, but there is a mum at one of my current mums groups who you will never see without a thick ass paint job on her face and immaculate clothing and red painted talons and toenails. Kudos to being able to manage that with a 5mth old, but personally my self esteem isnt so low that I need help feeling better about myself : )

goingferal(ish) said...

God no. If I'm dressed, it's enough. Trackies and a top at home, change to jeans most of the time if going out. Sometimes don't even bother with that.

Girls also don't care, nor does dh, so sometimes when we're out and about I'll look at the five of us and realise just what a daggy family we are LOL.

naturewitch said...

My first rule of fashion is: if it's not comfortable, I don't wear it.
That rule applies to my "corporate" wardrobe, as well as home. While I kind of have to dress in suits for work, at home I turn into something between a sloth and a trippy hippie. Whatever I feel like at the time. BUT I do shed the work clothes as fast as I can when I walk through the door at the end of the day. It's all part of leaving work behind. Why carry that into my garden?
But hey, you were clean, covered and comfortable - what was her problem?
I have a theory that the more people are concerned with their outward appearance, the less that's going on in the inside. There's "hollow people" all around. You are definitely NOT one of them. xx

The Tin House said...

I'm with you sister. Presently wearing (and have been all day) a clean pair of jeans, a long sleeve black bonds shirt with holes in it which show my white singlet underneath. It's my uniform. When I'm inside, I wear slippers, when I'm outside, my plastic garden clogs. When I go to town, I put my boots on.'s not's "simplicity".

Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I have a look for work, the usual coporate pants suit etc, other than that I am in the daggiest trackies.

Because I rarely go anywhere else I end up in work clothes when I do, gawd forbid they see me in what I really love to garden gear LOL!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hate fashion, but like some types of clothes. Can never find the stuff I like though (cos its not fashionable!) so jeans, trackies and COMFY stuff. Above all give me COMFORT! Comfy = Happy

My sister's a trendy young beautician and no doubt cringes when she sees me - but I'm happy. Who can be comfy in tight clothing and tight shoes? I'll go as far as neat and tidy for work (yes even a long skirt occasionally there)but that's it!

So glad there are more of you out there!

Em said...

lol, comfort and long lived are the priority for my wardrobe these days...

If I have to suck my tummy in hard or fiddle and rearrange anything, it rarely gets worn. For dressing up (rare) or when I used to be paid to work - smooth lines and practical designs with a scarf or earings.

I do try to stick to my colours - do you know how many shades of brown there are? ;) hehe

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

Style? Moi? Not really! I go for comfort and practicality (I like pockets!).

But, L, I've seen you in some gorgeous clothes! I still remember coveting a stunning maternity top you sewed when you were pregnant with A. :)

Anonymous said...

I like to think that I am anti fashion! Actually, I could not give a hoot as long as I am dressed for the weather. I have probably spent about $80 on clothing for myself this year - so definitely not attempting any type of look except the op-shop variety ;-)

Cheers Kelly