Thursday, 24 July 2008

A worm experiment

I don't know if this is going to work or not but wish me luck anyway!

I have built another straw bale bed and at the end nearest the house, I have installed a polystyrene box. This box has drainage holes (larger than normal), a layer of newspaper topped with a layer of my garden worms and the soil they were living in, topped with the contents of our compost bucket. I have covered this with a copy of the West Australian (shuts out the light and is nice and thick), with an old door mat on top.

My idea is that the worms will thrive, pee like mad (thus fertilising the straw bale bed) and eat up our compost. If some want to migrate into the bed, all well and good, but their food and goodies will be in the polystyrene box.

What do you all think, will it work? These poor worms are the guinea pigs before I shell out for the proper compost worms.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Sounds like one of the best uses for the West Australian that I've ever heard!!!!

Yes I think it'll work - I've heard of another method where you stick a bucket (with the bottom cut out) into the ground and fill it with kitchen scraps. The local worms are supposed to come in , eat and poo, or leave and poo in close proximity (ie your garden). Can't see why your idea wouldn't work too.

TheCrone said...

Yes I agree CG, it really is just one big adverty gimmicky rag isn't it!

That was my thinking as well, that they would come, feed and in their travels leave me some good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

My only thought is to how you are going to keep the soil from warming up too much? I assume you plan to put the box into the bed not onto it so the sides would be protected, so do you have a plan for the warm weather of the coming months if the doormat doesn't suffice?