Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A couple of questions for you

Firstly, why is the man flu so much more debilitating than what women get?

Secondly, why do gardeners compost? No, seriously, why do we compost? When leaves fall on the ground they don't walk into nice little piles and call out

"Please turn me every couple of weeks and don't forget a bit of lime"

No, they just lie there until some fruit falls on top, then maybe a bit of roo poo or the roo itself. The worms do the turning and then the whole layering mulching thing starts again.

So, why have we reinvented a perfectly designed wheel that Mother Nature thought out first?

Oh and another question for you; How much honey and lemon tea does it take to kill a man suffering from Man Flu?


molly said...

LMAO...didn't you know only men get really sick, we women are so unsympathetic LOL!!
Gawd what a bunch of sooks they are, one sniffle and they have the flu, a blood nose and it's nasal eboli (no such condition really, relates only to the imagined severity) LOL

As for composting, I don't do it, 1.....I'm too lazy & 2...like you I would rather do it as nature does. For example, right now the neighbours tree is shedding copious amounts of leaves all over the drive, so I collect them, throw them all around the garden on the straw, throw handfuls of old chook manure around and let nature take it's course. My soil is absolutely amazing, 2 years ago it was all clay with the odd patch of yellow sand!

As for the lemon & honey...hmmmm..pour in until he explodes? LOL


chickenbetty said...

1 - because men are essentially large babies :0
2 - because we, as gardeners, are control freaks
3 - 10 litres = water intoxication. google it

Crazy Mumma said...

ROFL, ah yes, the dread Man Flu. Chickenbetty's comment reminded me of my old boss - if he walked past my desk while I was sipping from my water bottle, he'd shudder and say "Ergh, water, drink 7 litres of that Julie, and you'll DIE!".

Oh, and I compost in bins because my dogs will eat anything a) remotely edible-ish and b) manure-like, and then poo it all over the small remaining patch of lawn where the kids play. Good for the lawn, not so good for my kids feet (although they do think it's funny when I dry retch while rinsing the poo squished between their toes) and it isn't going where it needs to go :-)

Belinda said...

My thoughts on Man Flu, because most women have a low tolerance for whining and better hearing.

On composting because if nature does it... gardener can do it faster if we just meddle....a .... little... bit and well ... convince ourselves that we can make the world works to OUR will.

Others seem to have the beverage question covered ..

Kind Regards

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I haven't been blogging for the last week because I've been sick - no ALL day in bed for me though, being brought cups of honey and thyme tea, and meals, and pillow plumps and setting up laptops so darling could watch some movies ....need I go on.
Not 2 weeks ago I was told 'Sniff, thanks hon, I'll remember this when you ..cough, get this..cough..bug, sniff'

Yeah *&^%#$ right!!!!!

GRrr grizzle...mutter mutter... sorry Crone...this one hit too close to home for me at the moment.
Not even close to LMAO about it yet!

naturewitch said...

Sympathies, dear one. We have a case of man flu here at the moment, too. It's amazing just how sick they can be!

Thyme tea works wonders. I combine it with lemon juice and honey. Helps them get better sooner. Have some yourself at the same time to help save you from the bug. After all, the world would stop spinning if you took to your bed!

As for compost - maybe it appeals to our masochistic sides? - all that feverish preparation, turning, etc. xx

Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

LOL. Ohhhh man flu.
I don't miss it at all.

Cathode said...

Put 2 cloves of crushe garlic in it. I swear it works ... dont taste too great, but it will make them shut up. lol

candi said...

And why is it that if I take a sick day, I keep the kids home too. If A takes a sick day, he spends it at home alone!

Calamity Jane said...

Probably won't kill him, but you could add some of your favourite liquid fertilser for you own amusement...