Sunday, 24 August 2008

Finally the camera works

Or to be more truthful, The Teen showed me how to use the new one (blush).

Last years lavender cuttings with the Blue Moon rose beside

Can you spot the eggplant?

Edible Chrysanthemuns! I am going to dry some of the petals to make tea!

The second straw bale bed :)

Coffee tree (you can see last years heat burn from the nursery)



Nectarine in blossom


karenmc said...

Lovely photos :)

Are they oven racks on top of the new strawbale garden?

TheCrone said...

LOL no!

They are the racks/shelves from my clothes horse which broke.

I have actually just used the 'body' of the clothes horse as a trellis for my beans!

molly said...

wooohooo L. the plants are looking wonderful!

I don't expect any fruit on my pepino this year, hopefully next. I was reading the label on mine, they suggest replacing the plant every 3-4 years?


TheCrone said...

Molly, mine came with fruit and I know I should remove them but I just want to try one!

I read that they self seed prolifically so I don't see any problems with replacements ;)