Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Into the mind of The Crone

You've all had those wonderful dreams of time travel haven't you? You know the ones where you experience all the sights, smells and emotions of another place in time.

Well imagine that you found yourself in the midst of Henry VIII's Tudor England. Ohhhhh, royalty, I hear you mutter to yourself! Gorgeous clothes, carriages, intrigue! Don't forget those men with swords!

No such luck in my dreams though; I was a bloody gardener playing with the worms! Yes, if I was astral travelling in any shape or form, I had to go and find myself the only compost heap in the universe in which to do so!

You all stopped giggling yet?

Just editing to add that it was the most glorious compost heap; the soil was dark and sweet and alive with lovely plump long worms!


Stewart said...

Cool. I usually do a lot of garden planing and problem solving in my dreams. Amazing how easy it is to move a 50 year old Crape Myrtle tree in your sleep.

Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

Ok. Here's my take on it.

What do YOU think of when you think Henry Viii?
I think "back to basics". I also think but chunks of meat though...and you're vegan.
I am of the opinion numbers mean something in this dream.

molly said...

LMAO, tooooo funny!!


fran said...

darling, give me time. I'll read your dream tomorrow. xxxxxx

Cheryl said...

Crone....only you would dream of soil and worms......I love it.......

naturewitch said...

i reckon it's your psychic powers coming to the fore and showing you the future . . lots of beautiful fertile soil n worms in your garden xx

Di said...

ROFLMAO.... What more can I say? At least you weren't the worm.

fran said...

Dream interpretation for Lara.
There are loads of amazing things going on in your dream Lara.
It is a great dream to have, filled with very positive connotations.
The outline of the dream: being in Tudor England in Henry Vlll’s era, gardening, playing with compost and large fat worms and enjoying the smell of the sweet dark soil.
The fact that you had such a vivid dream including smells and emotions, indicated that you are trying to convey a feeling associated with those smells and emotions. Think about what the smells made you feel.
Dreaming of Henry VIII era indicates material gains, regeneration and wealth. Perhaps not necessarily material gains/wealth, but instinctive and intuitive knowledge becoming more apparent/clearer. Success and karma.
Gardening indicates hard work and diligence paying off. It also symbolises stability and inner growth.
Playing with compost shows that outdated ideas or past experiences can be transported or turned into something useful.
The worms, whilst lovely and fat, indicate you being taken advantage of. Somebody is feeding off your kind heartedness and abusing your generosity. You know who this is. They are happy and full of life and willingly take from you, giving little in return. Small pieces maybe. Things they no longer need. Shedding.
Your dark sweet soil gives a feeling of fertility, solid foundation and a sense of approaching your goals with practicality.

Your dream is a sign to you that you are on a fantastic spiritual journey. You are able to recognise your past and utilise it to make good for the future. You are able to tap into that instinct and intuition and your dedication and diligence will pay off for you.
Beware of people who appear full of life, who will use you for their own gain, and cast you off. Although you will learn from the experience and incorporate it into your own success.
You will achieve whatever it is you want as long as you are aware that you have that inner strength and that you approach your goals with diligence and stability.
Trust your inner self. You are very tuned in.

fran x

TheCrone said...

Stewart, aren't dreams amazing!

POV: Thank you sweetie for your interpretation! I have been thinking about what the numbers mean to me ever since you posted :)

Molly: I have some doozies of dreams! They are so vivid and tangible it's amazing!

Cheryl: There is nothing better than to dream about the garden, it's such a grounding dream :)

NatureWitch: You and I both know that the Universe is giving me a huge kick up the butt to get back to where I should be ;)

Di: I agree!

Fran: Thank you so much for that darlin'. I know that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing right now (apart from ignoring the spiritual) and yes, I know just who this person is ;)