Sunday, 17 August 2008

I don't care who wins this bet because ultimately we all lose

I am literally throwing my hands up in the air and officially saying


Sorry, was I just shouting?

That should convey to you just how I am feeling right now! I watched 60 minutes tonight and you know what? I am more confused than ever. Global warming, Global Dimming, carbon not responsible for climate change, Economic Doom if we adopt a Carbon Trading Scheme, Environmental doom if we don't.

I just want to grow beans, you know!

I am going to go to bed soon and ponder, but you know what? I am fast reaching the point where I need to switch off the media and just 'be'.

If any of you have more clarity on the subject, let me know!


Cheryl said...

Well is nice to read of someone who has reached the point that I did six months ago....I do many positive things for the environment but after reading, watching programmes onTV I became so confused I was beginning to make me feel quite miserable. I met a keen environmentalist in my village, someone who I respect immensely......she said to me.....just do the best you can, do your bit. That is what I do now.....I no longer read newspapers or watch debates on TV and do you know its worked, I am much happier and I know deep down I am doing my bit.......

Cathode said...

hear hear!

Clarity on the subject - do what you feel is right, and one day we will find out the truth, or maybe not.
I personally believe that it is a natural cycle, but with a bit of mankind nawtiness thrown in.

Though I may end up buying a house up near cwm goch just to be sure : )

karenmc said...

I think if we could all just 'be' for a while - just stop and listen to the earth and our inner selves/ intuition/ whatever you call it, without the constant barrage of noise and information and busy-ness - then we'd find the way to move forward.

Susy said...

Mr Chiots and I cancelled our cable a year ago. We have an antennae and can watch local/world news but we have chosen not to. It's amazing how much better I sleep and how much less stress I have. I find that if I work to better my own life and don't pay attention to what the media thinks I need to know I lead a much simpler life (not to mention saving $60 a month).

Just pull the plug - say NO to the media hype (I'm a conspiracy theorist and think it's all a bunch of bull anyways, they say what companies pay them to say, not what's really going on).

molly said...

I read with interest what is going on when I am in the mood, other times I ignore it.

The bottom line? We do what we can, when we can and leave the rest to work out as it will.

I too am long over the fix the planet stage, personally, I believe NO-ONE knows what will happen, despite science and the rest of it, there are too many variables for anyone to give a concrete answer.

That being the case, why worry about what we don't know or cannot completely control, I continue to read, to ponder, to live lightly, however I have given up worrying about whats will do your head in LOL!


Crazy Mumma said...

I can totally relate L. That's one of the reasons I rarely watch TV anymore, and stopped reading the Peak Oil updates websites.

I can only do what I can do, and losing sleep over it (which I was) meant I was becoming less useful for my family, and I was missing the small, simple, beautiful things in our daily lives because I was too focussed on the big picture.

We know we need to live simply, so now I'm just putting my head down and growing more, learning more every day, and enjoying every minute with my precious family.

Cheers, Julie

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

We don't have a TV in our living space. I don't read the papers or watch the news, and NO I don't think I'm uninformed about issues. There are other places to get info.

If you want to know what's in the news, just grab an old copy of any mag/paper and insert new names into those old stories, you'll find very little changes in their 'reporting' other than that. Still the same murders, rapes and frauds and the occasional story of how bad school bags are for kids backs, or which cleaner cleans best..WOW! Fascinating stuff. Truly, how do we get by without it?

Geez I'm in a sarky mood tonight - must be the bug. Someone give me the kick in the pants my husband needed last week please!

TheCrone said...

I think it's time to organise another coffee don't you?


Brian Schmidt said...

As the guy who's betting David Evans, I think you can rely on the consensus of climate experts just like you can rely on the consensus of medical experts or car experts. In other words, they could be wrong, but probably not, and ignoring them like David is will be a big gamble.

Finally, while David sincerely believes what he says, the denialist noise machine just wants you to give up and not do anything. That's their strategy.