Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I must be calming down

Because for the first time in months, I want to buy and plant some pretties :)

I am looking at roses, can you believe it?! I love Mr Lincoln and Blue moon in particular. I have no idea if they will grow well in WA but I am going to see if I can find some. I am also on the lookout for Banksia roses. I think they will look lovely growing up and blocking out the Bogan neighbours :) (or perhaps a nice Boganvillia?)


Susana said...

Love it! Pretty's with thorns, just the thing to block out the bogans.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger :P

The blue moon grows gloriously around here so should do well there, I had a stunning one.....until I moved house lol


goingferal(ish) said...

Just think of the maintenance! Or is just me who's lazy?

I tagged you by the way, sorry LOL.

HipbubbyMama said...

I always thought Boganvillia was an awesome name. In a scary ironic way of course ;-) Sounds perfect!

Cathode said...

We have a blue moon at mums (mine from when I was 15) so yes, they survive in our neck of the woods : )

A gorgeous rose if Eiffel Tower. Thornless and a beautiful long pink bud.

Bets place for Roses? Swiss Rose place near Armadale, and also there is a rose place in Lansdale.

naturewitch said...

I would rate Mr Lincoln as one of the all time great roses - it has beautiful colour and form and the perfume is magnificent! Not so keen on Blue Moon (even tho purple is my favourite colour). Another gorgeous rose is Double Delight - lovely colours and perfume.

As for bouganvillea, great idea for the bogans, but be careful of the thorns near the tots. A bouganvillea thorn in the foot put my Dad in hospital with tetanus one night (and we almost lost him), so maybe try for a thornless variety?? In Qld they used to grow pretty tall (5 or 6 metres), so if you can get thornless vigorous ones, I reckon it could be a good bet.

I'm hoping I'll get back to the pretties soon, but at the moment I'm concentrating on food and medicine plants. xx

Anonymous said...

You know roses aren't just "pretties" The petals are edible and you can make jelly from them, and don't forget those hips! wait till after they've been hot by the first frost and those babies are better than cranberries - tea, jelly, dried snacks.
An all around worthwhile plant :)