Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Berries, berries, berries :)

Oh, and a cumquat (which DH says is good for sore throats!)


naturewitch said...

That is sooo weird - I just got the solomon's seal from them and noticed the berry offer (but I don't need any) and thought of you, but then didn't know about the whole WA thing. It was a pretty good offer - glad you could avail yourself of it. xx

Em said...

Yum! Still a berry virgin here, but I'm hoping they'll grow in our patch.

Cumquats are divine :) My mum makes the best cumquat jam (and brandied cumquats to die for), but her tree is a Calomondin - which are sour and tangy - the other varieties are a lot sweeter. Daleys just happened to have a dwarf Calomondin last week, so it jumped into my basket :P