Saturday, 9 August 2008

I'm resigned to a life of dishpan hands

The Husband came home this morning bouncing and trilling with joy. He had spent his hour 'free time' at Harvey Norman and wanted to drag me back to look at some incredible deal for a Meile dishwasher.


Now if any of you reading are retail salespeople by profession, take note! When I ask about energy saving and water efficiency, I mean what I say, I am serious. Please don't dismiss me by saying,

"Who cares, water and electricity are cheap!"

I kid you not, she really did say this to me. Not a good start to a sales pitch :)

Well, I looked. I saw that it was indeed a nice model and I am sure that it would save a lot of water and make my life a whole heap easier by hiding dirty dishes in the machine all day long.

But I have a cunning plan;

I will hide all my dishes in the sink, soaking in water collected during the day and wash them by hand at night. Then when the Tots get older, they can take it in turns washing, drying and putting the dishes away :) :) :)

Oh, and the money saved by not buying the dishwasher has been allocated to a much worthier cause; Solar panels and a solar hot water system!


Cathode said...

Its the only reason people have children, to do the chores.

Im all for kids working, lol.

TheCrone said...

Oh yes! Down the mines and up the chimneys with 'em!

Busy Woman said...

Some of the greatest conversation have taken place between two people at the kitchen sink. It starts with "do you want to wash or wipe?" and builds from there.
Introducing dishwashers into Australian families has stifled communication! The world would be a better place if more people talked through the washing up. I am sure many conflicts could have been averted if leaders met over the sink, one with tea towel in hand.Imagine the sheer bonding if George was to say "where do I put the coffee mugs Suddam ?" - All would have been well. LOL

HipbubbyMama said...

*sigh* I wish I could think like you. Truly. But I MISS my dishwasher (in my old rental house) sooooo much...I know they are evil and waste water-but I'd get one again in a heartbeat. I have a bad back and washing dishes is no joy-it (both my back and my time which could be spent doing something more interesting) LOL

Perhaps I could compromise-take less showers or somefing? ;-)

naturewitch said...

good for you! think of all the plants you could buy with that money . . xx

Apprentice Domestic Goddess said...

You gave up a Miele for $879? Did it have the cutlery drawer? (oops, think I just drooled on my keyboard).

I sort of enjoyed our recent 5 weeks without a dishwasher, but I am very happy to have one (even if it's not the Miele of my dreams) back in the kitchen today...

But due to the vagaries of our hot water system and my kitchen sink set up, I'm pretty certain we do save water by using a dishwasher...

TheCrone said...

No Kristen, your heart can be still, it was the model down from 'the cutlery shelf' LOL.

I saw that one (last one in the shop and it had a sold sticker) and it is such a sensible design.

For those of you who read my blog and are in Perth, it was the HN at Morley (closing down sale).

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hi Crone - I must admit I am a fan of the dishwasher. We have the Fisher& Paykel dishdrawers (both together are supposed to be more efficent than 1 standard dishwasher) and they are wonderful!

Also - i used to think dishwashers used more water than hand washing . Actually they don't (well, maybe that depends on the brand). Once you've emptied the sink and refilled because it's cold/greasy etc from doing thepots etc, you actually use more water doing it by hand.

These are just thoughts in case your conscience wants some help to buy one!

Silly saleslady though - really!