Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Well I am so glad that I didn't sign up for Crunchy Chicken's latest challenge because I seriously suck this month!

I stopped off at the nursery today to see if I could find any leeks anywhere. I had to buy one the other day and it was $5 for one! Of course it is too late in the season for leeks and I couldn't find any but I did find this little beauty

Pepino tastes like honeydew melons and grow on a bush. I also bought a climbing Blue Moon rose :)


Jodes said...

Ohhh I love Pepinos! Mum has a couple of vines and when we were growing up would love to spend a warm summer evening picking and eating them straight off the vine - YUM!

What days are you free? I still need to get my Fowlers kit to you ;-)

Cathode said...

OMG where did you get it from? I asked a heap of nurseries if they had one and everyone said no...okay, it was the middle of winter, but still!
Divulge or save me seeds!

btw, I love your glossy hair and your kids are GORGEOUS!!

TheCrone said...

Hey Cath, I bought it from the nursery at Guildford. It was the only one there but apparently they self seed like mad, so babies will be offered for adoption :)

Thank you for my hair comment :)