Friday, 29 August 2008

Our fair share, reduction of food consumption and one fat Crone

I have gained 14kg's this year. In my defence my endocrinologist says that most of it is due to the corrective meds for Graves disease but I have to be totally honest and say

"I'm way too fat, I eat too much"

Now given that I am trying to live in a gentle, ethical manner I think that the time has come for me to start eating healthily and being honest about the amounts of food I am consuming. There is just no need for me to eat the Tots leftovers; I need to give them less to start with and let them eat as much as they need. I also need to get back into portion control and slow down my rate of chewing.

I have to let go of the "finish everything on your plate" mentality.

I am exhausted with lack of sleep and have been eating way to many sugary treats (yes they are homemade but they are still high in calories) than I need. I make the Tots eat fruit as snacks, now I need to walk the talk.

Speaking of walking, I shall be trying to boost my metabolism with some daily exercise.

So, Day one stats (and this is killing me being so open and honest about how fat I have become)

Height: 161cms
Weight: 96kg's
Mood: Grumpy

Edited to be even more honest: The reason for my newfound inspiration to lose weight, nothing elevated or spiritual or love thy fellow man. Nope, it was being hugged by one of the Tots at preschool today and hearing her say out aloud

"Mumma, you have the biggest bum!"


Belinda said...

Hi Crone,

Struggling hard with this one at the moment myself and my back problems make it essential that I don't stack the weight back on.

I really have to halt the upward trend and do something about creating a downward one in the next couple of months... I know I am not going to have any summer clothes that fit being the weight I am ATM.

Kind Regards

di said...

Oh I hear you on not eating the tots leftovers :( at least I don't feel quite so bad when the scraps get demolished by the chooks.

karenmc said...

I empathise with the lack of sleep = eating sugary carb-loaded food, and far too much of it. That's exactly where I am too. I guess at least acknowledging that you (I!) have a problem is the start of doing something about it.

TheCrone said...

Thank you for your kind words guys. I really am a cranky old crone right now. This sugar craving is so intense!

Cheryl said...

Go for it can go it, I know you will feel so much better to...........having a taurean daughter I also know you love your food......if you need any support I am only a blog away....

I am the queen of healthy eating.....much to the annoyance of most of my 57 I just want to stay fit, and to carry on gardening my acre for as long as I can......

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I crave the sugar stuff too - apparently eating bananas is supposed to balance out all those cravings. So grab a nana instead! ( and ..just quietly no I'm not good at doing it myself, but the advice is good, even if the behaviour modelling isn't!)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hi Crone! Just been to Molly's blog and left a note there. Sorry it's been a while. I have been too busy with work lately to email anyone or even write on my own blog. I gathered from Cat our LMS meeting is being postponed this month. Let me know what works for you, I'm looking forward to catching up when we can.

Enjoy the sunny weekend! I'll be in the garden!
Nat :)

HipbubbyMama said...

I hear ya on the weight thing. I have 30-40 kg to lose :-o Spring is the perfect time to get motivated i reckon! Only 3 weeks till the equinox :)

naturewitch said...

Darling Crone - extreme empathy with you on this one. They say once we reach 40, it just gets harder. The only solution is exercise!

Can they reduce the meds a little? Maybe that would help.

Oh, and I remember you telling me once that you always gain weight when vego - maybe too many carbs? Perhaps a food diary would help? I'm sure you'll figure out what you need to do.

As regards the leftovers - either feed the compost, the worms or make vege pancakes. xx {{hugs}}

Crazy Mumma said...

Oh L, I could have written this post myself, it's a subject that has been weighing (ha ha) on my mind for some time now. I've got 2cm and 2kg extra than you and although I can blame some of that on my meds too, I really have no excuse now that I've had the radiation treatment and things should start to improve in that area soon (?!). Maybe we should form our own little challenge and/or support group?!

TheCrone said...

Julie, go set up the challenge/support group woman!

Naturewitch, yes you are right with your memory. When I went completely vegan back in '98 I gained 20kg's. Too much reliance on deep fried falafels, hummus and all the fixings!

Belinda, Ariele and anyone else who is keen to join up, go hassle Crazy Mumma to set up a support group offshoot for her blog!