Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lose weight, get fit to prepare for the future!

It's funny when something I plan to do gets a reinforcing message such as the one posted on Molly's blog today. I am even more convinced that I need to lose weight and get fit to prepare for what is facing the World in the not so distant future.

A future with famines, eco refugees and widespread poverty are horrifically frightening to me. I need to be fit and healthy to give my family the best chance for the future.

Can't imagine trying to climb fences to scrump apples in my present condition ;)


Em said...

Good luck Crone! Plan a bit, be kind to yourself :)

I need to lose a good few kgs too, but more I need to stretch my body and keep it fitter to stay healthy (hopefully shed some wgt at the same time)... we've begun walking to school; an 8km round trip so we'll try a few times a week now that the days are longer. It's such a toss up isn't it, how to fit everything into a life... only so many hours in a day and choices - this good thing or that good thing, can't have both. I'm thinking that if it goes ok we might try a group walk and drop off other friends' kids on the way home.

Lately I've found inspiration through the "31 Days to a Better Diet" series on - lots of ideas to help revise your eating habits. And heaps of delish recipe links ;)

molly said...

Cutting out my one glass of cordial with dinner each night and one coffee from the day (I always have 2 sugar in my coffee) has seen me lose 10 kgs. Of course I can lose more comfortably so thats my plan too over the next year, I'm with you L.


Dixiebelle said...

Ha, LOL... my DH only drinks Ginger Cordiol anyways, but often goes on a "No cordiol" diet when he says his 'love handles' are getting too big!

Anyways, being fit and ready to face the worst is a good idea... having some fat reserves might not be a bad thing either!