Thursday, 4 September 2008

Zucchini Balls

For Julie :)

Into a bowl

Grate a medium zucchini
chop a couple of spring onions
add one egg
roughly a cup of flour
1 tea salt or a tea of meditteranean spice

Mix well and add enough water to make a nice thick batter which holds a dome on a tablespoon. Leave for five minutes to release the gluten and get stretchy. If it is too thin add a bit more flour.

Heat up a pan of olive oil to deep fry and when nice and hot carefully drop tablespoons of the batter into the oil. They will float and flip when they are ready to turn :)

Remove from the oil when nice and golden and cooked. Drain well and serve with cucumbers and yoghourt sauce (yoghourt, spring onions, pinch of salt)



brazen's crafts said...

mmmm yum! gotta have dill in them though *drool* !!!!

Crazy Mumma said...

Ooh, kinda like a zuke fritter variation. Excellent, thanks L!