Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Desperation throw together dip

Husband: I'm hungry
Wife: go cook something then
Husband: I'm working from home and on my lunchbreak, I don't have time to cook
Wife: "lots of rude words"

Right, so I opened the fridge and gazed and gazed and gazed into it's depths.

Mexican black bean chili - no good, The Husband hates mexican food
Curried pumpkin soup - Gah, he hates curry more than he hates mexican food.

Cheese sandwiches BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Cheese gives him the....well he's lactose intolerant, say no more!

Big sigh and suddenly inspiration! Into the processor went

1 large onion
2 cups of cooked black beans
about 30 black kalamata olives
juice of 1 large lemon

Black bean and olive dip!

Also rustled up some zuchini balls and a large bowl of coleslaw (cabbage, carrots and spring onions from the garden!)

Life is good :)


brazen's crafts said...

that husband of yours has NFI how good he has it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Brazen....I was thinking exactly those words as I clicked on the comment box.

The words SPOILT and BRAT came to mind too! LOL!(in the nicest possible way Crone!)

Clearly recovered from the Man Flu then too I see!

naturewitch said...

I agree with Brazen. I would have pointed out the garden and said "go graze!". :} xx

Cheryl said...

You are an inspiration Crone.....you really are....you also sound just like me......

di said...

What a lucky man! Sounds like something I would do though.Sometimes I wonder why we both bother going through the protest stage first - I know I always give.Forget the chilli and curry my first thought would have been Vegemite sandwiches LOL
Hope he appreciated it.

I love the he's working from home - as opposed to what you do every day.

belinda said...

I suspect something along the lines of "a sandwich isn't cooking" would have come out of my mouth.... I probably would have caved at that point but still.

Kind Regards

goingferal(ish) said...

Yummo!!! Gosh he's got it good. And man you are clever.

Crazy Mumma said...

Ooooh yum! What's in the zucchini balls? Recipe please ;-)

I probbaly would have caved and made DH something too, but it would have been the same as whatever the kids were having, LOL (i.e. vegemite sandwiches ;-)