Saturday, 6 March 2010

Budgies, cats and nest eggs

The Husband had the brilliant idea to apartment sit for friends of his. Large apartment which was quite strange actually; the master bedroom had a huge cage instead of any furniture with a feather mattress on the bottom and a teeny tiny budgie living in the cage. We also had to look after the four cats, four extremely well fed cats.

At the end of the week TH decided that we really ought to clean out the budgie cage so there I was, holding this wriggling little bird whilst the cats were prowling around trying to get to this bird. TH took so long to clean out the bird cage that I got totally fed up, gave him the budgie and told him to deal with it all while I sat down and played with the cats.

Then I woke up.

Analysis of this dream; the budgie is our savings, the cage is our bank account and the cats are our daughters. Well that's The Husband's take on it.


Kestrel said...

The budgie isn't your heart is it?

belinda said...

Hi Crone,

I have awarded you the Sunshine Award please come on over to pick it up.

Kind Regards