Wednesday, 3 March 2010

This week I'm going to perform my latest magic trick

"Roll up, roll up and witness the greatest magic trick ever performed in the herstory of womanhood! The Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Crone is going to achieve the impossible; yes folks, she is going to rearrange an entire houseful of STUFF*, bedrooms and six bodies into a three bedroom "with study" residence. And paint!"

In case I don't survive this week, I hereby bequeath the following;

My gardening books to The Wildbackyard
My cooking books (including Rikki Carrol's cheese making book) to The Enchantress
My seeds to Cathode
and last but not least, The Thermocauldron to my Son.

*stuff, the crap that The Husband cannot/will not throw out. I kid you not he will die clinging on desperatly to his undergrad notes which have traversed the country back and forth and might come in useful 'one day'.

Oh and folks, today's 'Happy Place' is a skip :)


belinda said...

Good Luck,

You have my best wishes and highest hopes that you all come through this unscathed.. and several pound lighter in stuff.

Kind Regards

Kylie said...

Go the skip! Put the stuff The Husband cannot/ will not throw out at the bottom, cover it over and he will never know about it! (I should know, I do it hubbys old clothes all the time!)

karen said...

Or put it out the back (not under shelter) and tell him he's free to rescue it anytime within the next two weeks. Guaranteed it will still be there and you can toss it with an easy conscience because it will already be ruined ;)

Nikki said...

Can you chuck some boards in the roof space and his crap in plastic boxes and up to the roof space?
We have 5 ppl in a two bedroom plus games room place and we have SOOOOOOOO much stuff in the roof space. Out of sight out of mind :)

Cathode said...

If you want a hand at all, I can help out.
I love organising other people shit ... I just can't face my own, LOL.