Monday, 1 March 2010

30 Minute Mozzarella (march 7th 2009)

Or, forget to add the cream and it becomes Haloumi ;)

Instructions for making this recipe are in Ricki Carroll's Home Cheesemaking book page 134. I then made a 700g of ricotta from her whey ricotta recipe on page 152 and now have the dregs of the whey cooking up on the stove to try to make mysost, page 150.

Edited to add: I hesitated adding the recipe here because I wasn't sure of copyright and blogging etc but have since googled and found Ricki's own site with a pictorial for you all :)

Below is the reconstituted powdered milk, cream, citric acid, lipase and rennet doing their thing. Yes, you read right; Powdered Milk! If you forget the cream you literally end up with Haloumi.

Here are the curds drained from the whey, waiting for me to bung the lot into the microwave for one minute

Two more zaps in the microwave with the addition of cheese salt and you have ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Okay, now for costings for you.

$2.40 dry milk powder (4 litres)

$1.25 pure cream

Made a little over half a kilo of mozzarella and 700grams of ricotta. I will wait until the mysost has cooked up from the whey to get a final figure. Mysost produced 600grams.

Hmmm, mysost is interesting. I can see that it has possibilities but it hasn't 'grabbed' me yet. It tastes like a cheesy, sour caramel sauce. Will try some on toast tomorrow morning.

$3.65 sound good for delicious fresh cheese?

I am also tempted to experiment with the long life cartons of cream, just in case I need to make cheese and have no fresh dairy supplies :)

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TheCrone said...

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1.naturewitch Says:

March 8th, 2009 at 4:38 am e

Hey Crone

Great cheese making! Mysost is definitely addictive once you get used to the flavour - hint: don’t think cheese.

Also, not sure if the long-life dairy products will work, as they have been ultra-heat treated. This damages the proteins in them and often makes them unsuitable for cheese making, but it is worth giving it a go if that’s all you have.

Powdered milk is probably a better option as mostly it is freeze-dried and so you have more chance it still has the properties you need. xx Says:

March 8th, 2009 at 7:37 pm e

Wow that looks great. i love haloumi so that would be OK too Pleased to hear the Graves D is in remissi