Thursday, 22 April 2010


Isn't it funny that in our attempts to network and keep it local via the internet, that in fact isolation is a by product.  We chat, we communicate, we blog, we comment but all of this is actually done to a shiny white screen with black type flying across the 'page'.

But we have such busy lives/sick kids/our own problems I hear you say.  Oh God, who needs such high maintanence 'friends' in our lives;  Too hard.  The internet has made instant communication the norm as 'Hugz' fly across the World.  I have found however that it is an extremely unfulfilling sort of friendship.  I can hear my kids saying

"Mum you are so old fashioned, no one phones nowdays"

Well let me say clearly here and now that I believe that it is a voice which lends meaning to a 'hug'.  It is the IRL times together which build community, friendships and support.  It is the friend who drops by with flowers*  and a huge hug which helps to get someone through a really tough time.

Let the internet be the stepping stone but don't forget that if you don't use other forms of communication then when the day comes when the 'net is offline, then you will be isolated and alone;  not the kind of future we are all trying to build.

*An example only, some people drop by with a meal or just the hug itself.  Some people come in and pick up a broom!


belinda said...

Agreed.. Although I spend way to much time on the internet I continue to spend quite a bit of time cultivating IRL relationships.

Seeing someone's emotions hit their eyes seconds before the expression of support arrives or having someone just pick up the phone because you weren't somewhere you said you planned to be gives you a wonderful feeling of connectedness to another human being at a level that the internet has yet to provide me.

May good friends always bless our life

Kind Regards

dixiebelle said...

I was just blogging about the same thing! I am working on making chnages though, by starting a playgroup to connect with like-minded people.

Kelly said...

Yes, so true. It's all just words on a screen at the end of the day, and a very poor substitute for real human contact. Lots of people seem to have revolted against it lately, maybe because it's more pervasive than ever? Whatever, I know i've never gained any real satisfaction from online socialising and am much happier now i've pretty much given it up (just can't ditch FB!)