Sunday, 30 May 2010

Back in the garden planting up a storm!

Also waging war on the bloody grass that's in desperate need of a goat.  We don't have a goat so I've spent the day covering the whole damn lot in weed mat.  It's one which allows air and water to move both ways through it so hopefully it won't be damaging to the soil. 

I've tried the newspaper/cardboard route for three years now and I swear that the grass in Perth is a bloody mutant hybrid that laughs itself silly when I walk towards it with cardboard.  Honestly it's a war I'm losing here, not a battle :(

Will take a before pic for you to see and an after one as well.

Thermomix is going brilliantly.   It's really helping us to save money and eat healthier.  Speaking of healthy;  we've sacked the microwave oven.  It's been a challenge to 'unlearn' the convenient way of reheating but so far so good.  My Grandmother used to use pots/the oven and the steamer to reheat and it's working for me  :)

Ohhhhhh did I show you what happened to my dinner the other night?  I made the most glorious toad in the hole, took it out of the oven, sat it on the stovetop and ten minutes later Kaboom!  Go on, I dare you to google 'exploding pyrex'

No more cooking in glass for me, EVER!

edited to add:  The Chirpies were in the kitchen not five minutes before this happened.  And... my oven gloves were two metres away on the opposite wall and had glass embedded into them!


Toria said...

How scary! I read something recently that pyrex was now being made with a different type of glass which was cheaper to make, but did not have the same high temperature properties that pyrex used to have. The glass either used to have a blue look to it, or now has a blue look to it, unfortunately I can't remember which. Must find out which it is so I know how to pick the difference if I find them in an op shop.

Leah said...

Goodness! I always thought pyrex was such an inert, safe kind of thing to be cooking in. So glad you and the family weren't hurt though.

naturewitch said...

Yep, it's the modern Pyrex, which curiously enough does not state that it is oven safe, just microwave safe.

It's kind of like when you have to keep checking food packaging for changed ingredients; now you also have to keep up to date with cooking vessels.

It's really negligent of manufacturers not to more prominently state that their product is no longer safe for its previous use.

Anyway, glad no-one was hurt.

love and light
naturewitch xo

belinda said...

I'll have to remember that for the future. I don' have a huge amount of pyrex but I do use what I have regularly. So very glad that no one got hurt.

Kind Regards

Julie said...

Oh my God! I had no idea about 'modern' Pyrex not being oven-safe :-( Soooo glad the girls weren't nearby at the time, the possibilities of injury make me feel ill...

Wendý said...

Oh and what a beautiful toad in the hole it was too.. I have had similar happen, scared the daylights out of me, glad no one was burnt or cut..