Thursday, 27 May 2010


Surfacing for air again after a hellish month, many many thanks to Dixiebelle and Molly for their patience in waiting for their gifted books;  I made it to the post office yesterday!

It has been a huge month emotionally for me.  For those who have peeked across at one of the other pages here you would have read about what's happened.  It has taken me back down to the lowest lows and back up again.

What has given me more buoyancy?  Hearing the ABC Classic FM interview about a book called "Slow Death by Rubber Duck" by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.  I'm back on my frugal lifestyle track again so will head off to the library today to ask them to get this book in.  The first change I am making to my family's life is to definatly stop using commercial toothpaste.  After hearing that a pesticide 'triclosan' is an ingredient in most toothpastes there is no way I'm letting my family use this poison!

Anyway the Chirpies are up now (they have graduated from being Tots now) so signing off for now



belinda said...

I found the post you were talking about. My heart broke for you all over again.

Glad to hear you have found a way to refocus. Can't wait to see what you feel inspired about next.

Kind Regards

Clarinda said...

*warm thoughts* You are a strong woman. xx

dixiebelle said...

Thank you, I do appreciate it.

Hope to see you back blogging and sharing your journey again now, best as you can, day by day...

molly said...

Wb L,good to see you back on deck:) Cant wait to read the book, will do a pay it forward on it when I have finished with it. Hugz

Leah said...

Oh no, I hadn't read your extended posts till now. So sorry, and I know it's no help whatsoever, but I do understand, and am thinking of you :(