Sunday, 11 July 2010

Belinda's challenge - back on the wagon ;)

Two years ago I signed up for Belinda's weekly challenge.  A challenge to keep signees on track with sustainable living and building skills and communities.  Well as you know, I fell off the wagon and Belinda has graciously allowed me to scramble back on board.  So here goes

The sections are

Sowing seed or Planting -

Sowing (direct)
Planning for The Future -
Working for the Future -

Building Community -
Learn a new Skill -

If memory serves me I need to update every Friday.  You know what, I may even have photos up then too!


Belinda said...

Hi Crone,

Welcome back, I can't wait to see all the exciting stuff you are doing.

Report back whenever in the week works for you. I now write the roundup on Sunday night/Monday morning depending on just how disorganised I am feeling that week. When I see a new B2B post go up I simply record it for the next roundup so it doesn't get lost.

Kind Regards

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Crone,
We all fall off the wagon sometimes. I have returned to the land of blog after a massive break ... check mine out in a week or so (by then I'll have worked out how log into it again...yes really!)

I've been so busy, especially since the weather cooled. You have inspired me so much. Even got the hubby on board these hols..he's been baking bread and I've been telling him about your artisan loaves. Hope you're feeling better after the bug. Blessings,
Nat X