Friday, 16 July 2010

Belinda's challenge July 2010

Well 'tis Friday and I'm ready to update after my long absence.

Sowing seed or Planting - More kale seed.  I'm a firm believer that your family will never starve if you grow plenty of kale.

Sowing (direct) - bulbs 350 jonquils, hyacyths, gladies, anaemones around the herb spiral

Harvest- Kale.  Picking enough for at least three meals a week for a family of six.  Snowpeas are also coming in now, I have three lots of snow peas and two lots of peas so hopefully 'twill be a good supply.  Parsley coming out of my ears, which is funny as we really don't eat parsley.  Should start back on green smoothies again to use it up.  Lots of lettuces and mustard greens as well.

Planning for The Future - Asparagus.  I have the site almost prepared and am ordering 20 plants.  Should be enough for us.  The big thing which the Teen and myself decided last night was that all gifts for the next 12 months will be handmade.  Some can be bought from LOCAL artisans/friends provided they are handmade.  The majority will be made by our own little paws.

Working for the Future - Need to crank up my bottling.  Overhaul the laundry in the next few months and sort out more storage. 

Building Community - I'm friends with a group of women now who have a huge range of skills.  Keeping it local is still the main focus of my life (The Husband still struggles with this one, in fact we just this minute had a 'discussion' about Big Corporations v's Hippies.   Sigh.....

Learn a new Skill:  Suggest one to me.  I can knit, sew, cook from scratch, crochet, bottle, fillet a fish brilliantly and on occasion have even been known to dust.  What do you think I should learn next?
Ok, am going to hit 'post' now, but as soon as The Teen wakes up I will add pics of the things I have made recently;  gauntlets, a Granddad vest (was for the Husband but I forgot to use smaller needles with a thicker ply wool so it's mine now),  and curtains for the alcove window.


belinda said...

Welcome back,

Things you may not have tried
bake bread (if you know how to do this you can try sourdough I return post you some starter)
make soap
find one piece of plastic in your life and act on removing it
learn how to properly prune fruit trees if you don't already know..etc

There's a whole word of learnin' out there just waiting for you to give it a try.

TheCrone said...

I actually make my own bread nearly every day but you know what, I've never made proper sour dough. Will definatly give that a go!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

If you feel like learning some drumming...let me know!

TheCrone said...

I would LOVE to learn drumming!

Wendy said...

Im for the drumming, I recently bought one of Badgers Hoop drums.. awesome.. heart beat of the need nothing more then the drum, the beater and you, who gives a rats kabootie what the neighbours think.
Or if your not into beating a drum..pottery? good for the soul

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hi Wendy,
I know Badger!!!!

You'll have to come to a drumming night both of you!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Do you know Crone , I read somewhere that the silver blush on a plum (not the shop kind - homegrown obviously) is the yeast you need for sour dough.
My mother in law 'catches' yeast on potatoes too, and says you can use it for bread.