Saturday, 24 July 2010

Belinda's Challenge week 31 year 2

Yep, don't faint;   I'm updating :)

Sowing seed or Planting:  I've signed up for Cammo's Big Grow and was super excited on Thursday when a huge envelope arrived with my free seeds, a copy of the ABC's Organic Gardener and some handy information from the Organic association of Western Australia.

Sowing Direct Decided that I need far more broad beans than I currently have so I will be running down to the shop this morning to see if there's any seed left.  Broad beans are like Kale for me;  I can never have enough.

Harvest:  Kale, kale kale kale.  Snowpeas?  Well someone's (or lots of little someone's) harvesting the snowpeas.  I hear the giggles, squeals and see huge grins on little faces from my kitchen window.  For me, this is what it's all about;  instilling the love of gardening and the knowledge of how and where food grows, in my children.   Other than trying to constantly improve my little patch of Earth what's the most important gift I can give and share for the future?  Yes, knowledge of how to grow, an awareness of the seasons and a deep love for Mother Nature.

Working for the future:  I've bartared my old fridge for the removal of three palm trees which were growing behind the house/in front of the pool.  They were in such a position that when they reached their full potential they would have completely shaded out  my solar panels.    This bed is now being weeded and prepped for me to plant up several citrus trees.  They will shade the pergola from the Westerly sun but never get high enough to shade the PvPs.  Manure has been ordered and will be delivered on Monday.

Building Community:  Wow, have I been doing that this week!  I've had two Pot luck dinners with some wonderful people this week.  Tuesday was Curry Night and Thursday was Thai.  Being able to sit back, relax and just chill chatting with friends has done me the world of good.  I love Pot Luck dinners :)  This was also part of my frugal budgetting.  Not going out to eat but entertaining at home.  

Learn a new skill:  On the list are Felting and Drumming.  Not quite sure when I will get a chance to do either but they are on the list. 

I have truly had an awesome week and although very tired I feel recharged and not so fragile.  

Edited to add that it is one of the Chirpies birthdays this week and I am being really strict about the budget.  We are keeping to my 'homemade or handmade' rule  and so she will be getting a mermaid like this as her gift from The Husband and myself  Isn't she just gorgeous!

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Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hubby is going to be on holidays in a week or so...and I was planning to go to my drumming circle for the first time in ages. How about you come along?
I will even pick you up and take you (as it's hard to find the first time in the dark).
No getting out of it...I think you just got yourself a drumming lesson!