Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tonight's 'Empty the fridge soup'

I have a soup which goes by the name of Empty the fridge soup.  It literally is designed around what I need to use up ASAP or what I have a surplus of.

Tonight's offering to the family was

Saffron carrot, cannellini beans and chorizo soup

Sounds wonderfully exotic and exxy but honestly, this is another of my cheap as chips recipes :)

In a pot

Melt 4tbls butter and a dash of olive oil.
When the butter is starting to bubble add a pinch of saffron.
Add one finely diced onion  and a clove of garlic and cook until golden
Add two cups of finely chopped carrot (I watched Masterchef for the first time ever last week and saw such cute diced  carrots -literally about 1mm x 1mxx)
Cook this over a low heat to let the carrot sweat and release it's flavours
Add 1 litre of chicken stock and bring to the boil.

In a frying pan saute until crisp but not burnt 1 thinly sliced chorizo.  Drain of fat and bung into the soup pot with 2 cans of drain cannellini beans.

Serve with a homemade crusty loaf of bread.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

I wondered at the 'Empty the fridge soup' recipe when I saw it in your menu plans. I thought I might give it a go, until I found myself looking at a limp red cabbage, some cheese, a dried piece of what used to be ginger and a floppy carrot.

Not even Crone could do this one! I thought.
I felt I was cheating if I used the pantry too - now I know!!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Crone - just read that you like Thai curries. Do you have limes, and kaffir lime in your garden?