Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Another b'day party

Miss Boo turned 4 last week and as usual I dithered about what to do about it.  I always know that I don't want to go overboard and I think that this time I really achieved that. 

Her gifts were a wonderful mermaid doll which a friend sells on her Etsy shop, and a petticote for the dress up box.  All up I spent $35 on her presents and she loves them both.

Both Simon and I made the decision years ago that no matter how much money comes into the house, we will not spend up big on b'days.  Our children do not need things to show them how much we love them and we don't want them growing up with the expectations of bigger better brighter.  How can children fail to be depressed adults if their feelings of value and self worth are derived from constantly buying more and more things?  At some point it all comes tumbling down when either they can't afford the lifestyle or when their partner decides enoughs enough, that they can't afford their lifestyle. 

Wow, deep thoughts in between me posting about a party huh! 

Boo's party was simple.   Chips, pies, dip, juice.  Kids playing in the garden  and then pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel.  I didn't even have a gift in each layer of the pass the parcel as I feel that that sets up unrealistic expectations that everything has a reward in life (ok, ok, I did put two natural lollies in each layer, just not a gift).

So, not a cuddly petting farm or jumping castle in sight.  Just a group of kids who hopefully had some down to earth old fashioned fun and went to bed with smiles and sweet dreams.

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Clarinda said...

sounds like a perfect party :)