Monday, 16 August 2010

It's been a fair few weeks since I touched base (Belinda's challenge)

Despite all of my good intentions life totally got away from me again.  Simon attended a conference in Taiwan to present his PhD thesis and as he was so close he popped over to Shanghai to see his Mother for a couple of weeks.  Of course the Chirpies co-ordinated life perfectly for me by sequentially coming down with raging colds. 

It was three weeks of hell especially when I caught their cold (and we all know what coughing and sneezing does to my bladder!)

The house is wrecked, I'm exhausted and I'm stuck in that cycle of 'just can't face anything let's play bejewelled blitz'. 

One thing I did achieve while Simon was away and that was reconnecting with some lovely friends by having Pot Luck dinners.  To me there is nothing nicer than chosing a theme and then everyone bringing a dish to share;  it far surpasses all the fancy dinners in overpriced restaurants for me!  Did I ever tell you that I used to work in hospitality?  Hahahaha, you'd never eat out again if I shared some of my stories!

So have I actually achieved anything in the last three weeks?  I suppose I have.

Juiced 10kg's of lemons for freezing
making lemon cordial
Planted my raspberries, more broad beans, chickweed,  2 more lemon trees, fenugreek, red and white currents, cherry tomato seeds, a heap of alpine strawberries, three punnets of regular strawberries, harvesting more lettuce, kale and snowpeas than you can imagine.  Mentally placing new beds in the garden for the asparagus (Still not arrived!!!!) and tomatoes.
Organised a new side gate to be built for the house
Ohhhh and I've read 'Radical Homemakers' after hearing about it on the DTE forum.

So, all in all I've actually been keeping up with Belinda's challenge, just haven't blogged about it.

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Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

You are amazing Crone!
My littly has come down with cough thing too - hope yours are on the mend.