Saturday, 21 August 2010

My wee Girl's off to vote!

She's 18.  A Woman.  Clear about what she believes in and prepared to take a stand.  And She's voting in her very first Australian election today and I'm so proud that this child I birthed takes her role as a citizen so seriously.  It's no surprise where my vote will go;  cut me and I bleed Greens.  Nor is it a surprise how the Husband votes (snigger).  Despite growing up with two politically polar opposites for parents, our child knows her own mind.

It has it's flaws but I am so very grateful for living in a Democracy and grateful for the Women and Men who have fought through the ages that I may have the right to cast my vote how I choose today.

Blessings and clarity to all xxx

Edited to add:  G returned back from the Polling Booth and said "I voted Below the line!  Dad said that I should have hurried  up and I told him how important it was to vote below the line!"  I'm even more puffed up with pride now!


Anonymous said...

I need the FB 'like' button for this post :)

Karen xx

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

So you should feel proud... you've helped mould a proud and valuable citizen. I have no doubts where the political awareness came from either Crone. Congrats!

belinda said...


You have every right to be proud..sounds like a smart, articulate young lady who knows her mind that is such a special combination.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. We handed out HTV cards for The Greens on the day and there was a young first time voter being led by his mother to the booth. That mother basically got 2 votes, her son had no idea. I'd be so proud of G too!
love kimba x