Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wunderlust, blogging fatigue and changes

The Husband is now a 'Dr'.  Yep there's a framed bit of paper to prove that I have fulfilled my Mother's dream;

"You hear that Mom*, I'm married to a Dr!" (She's probably up 'there' giggling and sipping on a cup of tea)

What has that meant for our family, well not much really.  A PhD doesn't suddenly jettison you into the realms of oodles of $$$'s.  It's the same old income but with a title.   And more than a bit of midlife crisis for The Doctor (I just sniggered as I wrote that!) as he realises that more than anything he wants to be an academic.  Which means moving.  Again.

"Yes, darling, I'll move to whichever part of Australia you can find a job" as I mentally started making lists, clearing out cupboards and planning.  I was actually getting excited about the prospect of clearing out all the 'stuff' and mentally detatching from my garden when The Dr announced that he's quite content to wait until the perfect job lands in his lap here in Perth.  Then today I read Rhonda's blog and realised that for the past 15 years we've moved into a home, I've planted up a garden and then at the five year mark, we move. 

It's time to really put down roots and settle, Lara old girl.

As to the blogging fatigue, yep, I've had a bad dose for the last month or so.  Been focussing on different aspects of my life.  The garden is still growing like mad, I'm still cooking and living frugally, just not writing about it.

The changes?  All will become apparent soonish.  When I stop being so superstitious.  When I relax enough to share with more than a few people.

*My Mom grew up in Singapore and this is how she spelled it, so despite me being very English, I use her spelling.


belinda said...

Good Luck with those changes.

Kind Regards

Cathode said...

Congratulations Simon!

And hang in there love ;)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Absolutely - that's some achievement, but couldn't have been possible without the support of a spouse whose prepared to make sacrifices to enable that sort of progress - so congrats to BOTH of you.
And may blessings surround your changes. X