Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mini challenge - dishwashing

After contacting Synergy, WA watercorp and checking on the net, I came to the conclusion that using our dishwasher was actually more environmentally responsible than hand washing our dishes.  This is because we have solar hot water and solar panels producing electricity (we get the 40 cents tariff)

Also,  because our half sink uses 10 lts of water  (which as soon as it gets mucky looking I change),  and with  seven of us in the family, that's a shite load of water.  I can end up refilling the sink 5/6 times.

Yesterday though, someone on the DTE forum wrote a post which has me questioning all of this yet again.  So, until I can find out once and for all that it is 'Greener' to wash with a fully loaded dishwasher I'm going to start washing by hand again.

The Husband  went out today to evil  corporation hardware chain and bought me a new plug, a sink strainer and 23 bottles of cider (well he bought those from the bottle shop but hey!) to aid me on my dishwashing quest.  I've also transferred the detergent into an old shampoo pump bottle so that a measured dose is dispensed each time (DH  tends to squeeze enough soap into the water for a naughty bath for two!)

Dishpan hands  here I come!

Oh and I've decided not to plant a sodding thing until the end of Feb.  I just don't have the time to nurture anything other than my family right now and with my garden getting as hot as the hob of hell over summer, I thought I'd just wait until it gets cooler.


Kimberley said...

Very wise choice to wait until Summer is over to get back into gardening. It's disheartening when everything dies, not a particularly inspiring way to reignite the passion.
Even down here our days are warm enough for some wilting, and it's not even the peak of Summer yet.
We've never had a dishwasher, but oh I can understand the appeal of one, especially with 7 in the house!

Cathode said...

Does your dishwasher have an "Eco" setting?

Not that I am sure what the setting does on mine (lost manual), but I figure it was the water economy setting?