Sunday, 4 December 2011

Summer CrockPot cooking

Up and busy today.  It's going to hit 36 again so I need to get lots of stuff done before I flake with a cider.

I've always loved slow cooking in winter;  soups, stews, curries all bubbling away making the house smell divine and taking the effort out of meal planning.  It's only been in the last couple of years though that I've discovered that slow cookers are just as awesome in Summer.

The only difference is that I put the slow cooker outside on the patio so that the house doesn't heat up.

Today's lunch will be mac'n'cheese with chorizo and leftover vegies and dinner will be curried chickpeas.  All cooked in the garden in the Crockpot :)

Both recipes are on this site

So dust off your crockpot and use it in Summer!

So far today I have 2 loaves of spelt bread and cheese and bacon scrolls proving and will get the pumpkin and red peppers roasting in the oven for tomorrow's quiches (one of which is for the kindy lunch) and also need to make a chocolate mud cake.

What a day to be baking hey!

Day one of the dish challenge went well. Well, apart from all of last night's dinner dishes left soaking in the sink overnight.  Those of you who know me well know that I detest putting my hands in cold greasy grimy water.  I must say though that soaking the dirty dishes does cut washing time in half.  Having the plug in the sink also collects all the day's misc water leakage - rinsing something, washing hands etc.

I still hate washing dishes :p

Ohhh ohhhhh!  I've just seen what the Chirpies are going to give their teachers for Giftmas gifts this year; mini vegie and herb gardens!  Thank you Sonya at for the awesome idea!


Cathode said...

God, I love casseroles and curries. As you know I don't get them very often because Mr Fusspot won't eat them :(

Today is leftovers. Zucchini slice, sausages, fruit salad, vegetable salad.

karen said...

I've lived without the dishwasher for months and months now, mostly quite happily. Unfortunately, just found out the rest of the family can't manage if I'm sick (or potentially when I run away for another 5 weeks next year), so looks like we'll be getting it fixed after all.

Slow cooker OUTside! Bloody brilliant! Thank you!