Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Apples and pickled radishes

I had to run out to the shops this morning as our fruit bowl was totally empty.  So despite having spent the morning throwing up I toddled off to Coventry Markets.  Anyone who's a Mother will know all about going to the shops when you're half dead because your wee ones need food.

An early start meant that I got to grab a huge box of apples from the sad table.  Honestly there were 15kg's of apples in this box!  Dried apples and Apple butter* here I come!

Now for the radish.  I've recently got into fermenting foods.  Our favourite so far is the giant asian white Radish.  I peel it, julienne it (by hand because I've not yet got one of those zippy orange slice your fingers to buggery machines) and add three tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt.  Mush it all up, weight it down and wait.  A week is about all it takes to make the best ever Chinese pickled radish for the cost of one of those tiny vacuum packed packets.  Home made and delish.

Haha!  Forgot to mention that the box of apples cost $7.00!

*You can find the apple butter recipe that I use here on my blog :)

For photos go here https://www.facebook.com/TheCroneAtWitsEnd

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