Wednesday, 17 October 2012

3am insomnia

I've been getting up earlier and earlier for the last few weeks.  This morning it was 3am.  As soon as the Wee Lad wakes for his feed (yes I'm still breastfeeding him at 19 months and yes we're still cosleeping) it seems like my brain kicks in and I keep thinking of all the things I have to do.  Well, I suppose that I don't have to do them, I choose to do them. Things like what's pictured above;

Making my own pectin
The resultant apple mush from making my own pectin going to go into the Chirpies breakfast muffins
Chopped tub of vegies to make my own picalilli.
A loaf of bread proving on the benchtop

I could actually buy all of these products.  I'm sure that a jar of picalilli costs about $2, Apple sauce the same, a good loaf of bread (preservative free) around $2.50 or more and pectin, well I have no idea.  However I only paid $5 for a huge box of apple seconds and have so far made a heap of dried apples, apple  butter (2 litres!) and now the pectin and apple mush.  A far more cost effective use of my money, if only I didn't feel the need to wake up so early!

So I'm sipping on my first cup of tea, writing this and pondering how else to use up the second bag of free organic oranges I was given;  I'm thinking frozen orange juices for the Chirpies school lunches.  A few months ago I bought some refillable pouches from which I've used to do frozen yoghourts very successfully.  Yep, I think I'll get the citrus juicer down and get stuck into filling up some pouches :)