Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Busy day in the kitchen

I'm always busy in the kitchen.  There's never a day when I'm not cooking, baking or soaking.  Now I've added fermenting and dehydrating to the to-do list as well.  Those things however don't take up much time as there are a billion little probiotic workers doing all the hard slog for me.

Yesterday really was a kitchen preserving day after I realised that I'd had a market fail last week and somehow ended up with 4kg's of carrots.  I think that some part of my brain thought that juicing them would be a great idea :/  Carrot juice has never been a favourite of mine and for all it's awesomeness, the TMX doesn't 'do' carrot juice, you end up with a thick carrot mush with the juice and pulp super blended.

So what did I produce yesterday?

2 x 500 gram  bags of apple sauce
1 x 2kg bag pasta sauce (with hidden carrots, zucchini, onions)
1kg tub of raspberry jam - this was from the TMX book but I don't like it.  Far too little sugar.  It's going to make cordial instead.  Guess I'm making more jam today.
1 gluten free date, walnut and carrot cake adapted from Hugh's Veg book
1 gluten free loaf of bread from Quirky Cooking's blog
1 regular loaf of bread
1 500gram bag of honey garlic roasted carrots to make Carrot Humus - again, Hugh's veg book
1 freezer meal of butter chicken (I cooked double the amount of dinner so that I could have a 'fall in a heap' meal) from the Indian Cooking Thermomix book

And today's plan?  Well I need to make more jam, start making snacks for the return to school next week, mend hems, polish shoes, whiten socks SOMEHOW (guess who threw a new red towel in with the whites?)  Get out into the garden and do a little more weeding. The Sun's almost up here in Perth so I'll finish my cup of tea and grab the gloves and get out before the bees wake up.

Edited to add.  I've decided to add a challenge to myself and the Chirpies;  I'm going to knit a dishcloth today from http://downtoearthforums.com/showthread.php?t=6136&page=9 and I've challenged the Chirpies to a read-a-thon.  Their reward (and they will each get a reward) will be a packet of seeds of their choice which they will plant, photograph and document the life cycle of their seeds.

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