Thursday, 4 October 2012

Seed potatoes and getting back into the dairy

They're here. Sapphire blues and cranberry reds.  Planting spuds is one of the things that really make me feel like I'm growing food for the family.  I know that it's a bit late for planting them but hopefully I should get a decent crop from them.

I'm also really getting itchy to get back into the dairy and my new fav cheese to have with medjool dates is Stracchino.  It's a delicious softish Italian cheese with a mild sweet taste that goes perfectly with fruits.  However it cost me $14 for a kg so I'm hitting the Organic shop for some half decent milk to make some.

Here's the youtube lesson for you all

What else is happening?  Well the chook run has been built, still waiting on their house to be assembled.  I don't know how other Large Family Mummas manage but it I'm still struggling to get a routine happening. I have the longest 'to-do' list ever and I still haven't been able to get back into sewing or knitting.

One day :p

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