Sunday, 17 April 2016

Food prep (AKA it's been a month fuelled by the three C's)

Yeah March, or rather Easter. I was so bloody glad to see the back of you!

I have no self control with regards to Chocolate and Easter is the time of year when I know that food wise I'm going to fall off the wagon in a spectacular way. I ate KILO'S of chocolate, raided my kid's stash, hid wrappers in my undies drawer and there's a mountain of empty toblerone cartons behind our headboard!


The evil three for me.

The results of a month (yes, you read right) of binging on sugary shite is that I feel like shite!

All food prep went out of the window, I binged on take aways, my belly is protesting and I'm so bloated. I refuse to get onto the guilt bandwagon anymore (much healthier headspace these days) and instead made a concious effort to get back into meal prepping this week.

First stop was the Veggie store. Here's what I bought for $92.

I was quite please to find milk and bread for $1 each, so this haul will feed our family for the week with the addition of a few items from the freezer. Definitely achieved my budget goal of $150 or less per week.

So what meal prepping did I do this morning?


Cauliflower and bacon soup
Roasted Indian style Sweet potato and cauliflower
Sweet potato, bacon and cauliflower Frittata .

 Yum! tumeric, coriander and lemons from my tree!
 Sauteed bacon and onions ready to add to the cauliflower and stock. No cream needed in this thick yummy soup at all!

Saute onions and bacon, add to thermomix with a head of chopped cauliflower and water or stock. Cook for 15 mins at 100 degrees at speed one.

You can blitz it to your own choice of smoothness.  Miss G hates any trace of onion in her meals so I make ours super smooth.

The finished meals. Took me just over an hour from start to finish! Three days worth of lunches that are nutritious, Didn't cost much and in line with the way I choose to eat.


Anonymous said...

Looks delish! I've added a butternut etc soup today if you'd like to try

Anonymous said...

I actually love mason jars, I think it's the handle concept. Plus a lid.
As a parent with children who have a talent for spilling in its many forms, a jar with a lid with a hole in for reusable straws is pretty good.

Those layers of stuff in a jar.....winning.

Soup in a mason jar for lunch.....loves it. Pop in the microwave and plastic. Goes in the dishwasher.

So yeah.......mason jars....might be wankery ( glad to other people using the term, I used it today in terms of gf cereal) but I admit to a deep like for jars with glass writing in them and handles :)

Good work on the blog!
Please do link it up on your fab page :)

Mason jars.....they also tap into my old habits of fossicking in old farm rubbish tips, finding old bits of glass with raised writing :)


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

eow! That soup is so easy. Great race home/zip to hockey/come home too late to cook kind of meal.
We've missed you, L!