Friday, 18 January 2013

Menu planning again

I really must stop using face book and get back into blogging. Having everything in one spot and not having to search through heaps of posts and updates makes so much more sense.

Anyway, I did up this menu plan up on FB and am now transferring it over to here. Originally I was going to make it for a fortnight but after some thought realised that adding in a heap of vegetarian meals that I could stretch it to a month (still adding in the meals as I get inspired)

Breakfast choices
Yoghourt and home bottle peaches
Toast with toppings
Boiled eggs, rice, pickled vegies
Oatmeal with honey


  1. Sandwiches -toasted, cheese, 
  2. Portuguese mussels with bread and rice
  3. lentils with lemon and mint
  4. Crab cakes and salad
  5. Beans and tomato soup (HFW 97)
  6. Rosti with poached eggs
  7. Homemade baked beans and rice
  8. Mackeral, celery, orange salad (HFW 208
  9. Lamb, spinach and chickpeas (HFW 256) trying lamb for the first time ever on the kids
  10. Fried polenta chips and salad
  11. leftover chicken rice chicken with noodle soup
  12. Empty the fridge sushi
  13. caldo verde
  14. Poached eggs on homemade bread toasted
  15. fried noodles with leftover char siew and choy sum
  1. Char siew with rice noodles, choy sum and sauces
  2. Vegetarian curries - potato lemon and coriander, dhal, dhosa, 
  3. Steamed fish packets Chinese style with steamed rice
  4. Butter chicken and rice
  5. Chinese style beef pot roast
  6. Portuguese style fresh sardines
  7. Hugh's vegetarian chilli
  8. Fritatta Empty the fridge
  9. Smoked fish, leek and potato soup (HFW pg 82)
  10. Nigella's roast chicken (on red peppers with lemon in cavity etc), rice, roast spuds and vegies
  11. Chinese Chicken Rice
  12. Falafels, hoummous, pita breads, tabbhouli made with quinoa
  13. Roast chicken wings with roast spuds, fennel and onions (HFW pg 131
  14. Thai fish curry and rice 
  15. Ham, black eye beans, potato and carrot soup (boil ham bone, add 1 tb worcestershire sauce, 1 tbl apple cider vinegar, 2 teas black pepper)
  16. Quiches

Total expenditure for the month: 
 12th Jan 2013 $80 meat/fish
13th Jan 2013 $30 for a 5kg leg ham
15th Jan 2013 $56 fruit and vegies

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Kristy said...

that's pretty done good. good variety, costs. Must get on and do (yet) another one for here as well.

*longing for my block*